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DEE Tutors
3, Obadina Street, 2nd Gate, Abule OK off University Road (Unilag), Yaba, Lagos.


About DEE Tutors

DEE Tutors is committed to working with parents, schools and professional tutors/teachers to inspire and enable students to succeed beyond limited possibilities in academic and extra-academic excellence by making learning a comfort through recent and most innovative platforms of technology.

According to John Dewey, education is not preparation for life; it is life. At DEE Tutors, we develop great minds that would pave way to new inventions, discoveries and innovations through quality tutorial services that unravel the inexhaustible beauty and ability that each mind has to conquer life and succeed beyond classroom walls. And we, also, believe that every human-being is born a genius and has enormous untapped creativity, so DEE Tutors devote its services to their actualisation.

Just the way no one has the same thumbprint, so it is the way no two persons learn exactly the same way. As a result, DEE Tutors offers a wide and diverse range of programs and a personal approach to make sure our students learn the way that best works for them.

We are here to serve you

DEE Tutors is committed to the success of each of our student through monthly assessments, feedback and recommendations from clients. Close to a decade, we have recorded a good number of successes of our students in our various programs.

Aside from our traditional house to house teaching, we also have application that accelerates our student learning through prepared tests for different exams with guidelines, and it also makes us accessible at any time to our prospective clients and tutors. In addition, we also provide latest information through the provision of latest news possible on our services on our various social media pages and periodical enlightening articles that can help our students be better learners.

Tutors Evaluation

By consulting with experienced qualified school teachers, we produced a tutor recruitment process that ensures our clients receive reliable private tutors. We meet every tutor face to face, retain copies of their IDs, academic certificates, as well as get tutors to read and sign professional quality agreements that go beyond industry standards.

We recognise that phone conversations and email exchanges are simply not enough. By meeting tutors, engaging with them in discussions about their skills and ambitions, we are far better at judging their suitability.

our tutors do not only teach, but also build a last-long relationship through motivation, understanding, caring and effective communication and teaching skills. Through this, frustration is turned to concentration with confidence, B’s to A’s and dreamers into visionary and life-long achievers.


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