Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who are DEE Tutors home tutors?
    Our tutors are trained, experienced and respectable teachers, graduates and undergraduates who bring quality and affordable learning to your door steps at the comfort of your house. Our background research at DEE Tutors has evidenced it that students who are taught on one-on-one tend to perform 75% better than those who are not.
  • Why work with DEE Tutors when I can get a tutor myself?
    At DEE tutors, we are accessible to more than 1000 professional tutors in different specialities and location across Lagos alone. This makes it possible to match your wards with the best of the best trained and motivated tutors with the best of characters without any stress to you. Also in cases when you need to make a drastic change such as change of location, tutor or subject (for whatever reasons), we are always in place as the best option to you.
  • How does DEE Tutors operate?
    We only operate in three simple and easy steps. First, client/parent fill our ONLINE FORM for us to have sufficient background information about a prospective student. Second, we match the student with the tutor with the right skills that suit your preference after we have searched our database for tutors. Third, we, then, handle all negotiations with tutors and send the most suitable to you.
  • What ages/classes does DEE Tutors work with?
    From age four (4) upwards. However, we require a nanny or guardian to be around when our tutors are teaching children within the age range of 4 – 8.
  • How does DEE Tutors charge and what are the rates?
    A number of factors influence our charging. They are the knowledge or skills to be taught, number of kids, number of times to come around in a week, number of hours per session, distance between the tutor’s and the client’s residence, the level of experience that the client require of the tutor and age of the child. Thus, to determine our exact rates for your request, you are to fill our ONLINE FORM first; then we will contact you with the price details.
  • What if the fee is beyond my budget?
    Normally, we ensure that we work within a reasonable budget that falls within your budget since we have passionate tutors who are always eager to offer quality and affordable home teaching services.
  • How flexible are the arrangements?
    The arrangements are extremely flexible and can be changed based on further conversation between client and DEE Tutors. In cases where the new arrangements by client no longer favourable for the assigned tutor, DEE Tutors will find a new tutor for the client without extra charges with a month notice ahead to change.
  • How do I get paid?
    DEE Tutors will direct deposit your earnings into your bank account as soon as the lesson is completed. We'll ask you to link your bank to your profile, so that once you complete the lesson and submit it on the site, you'll receive payments within 24 hours. No more chasing customers for money.
    You also set your prices, and earn 65% - 70% of whatever you charge the client. Most active tutors earn between ₦35k - ₦80k per month. You can track all transactions in one place so that the whole process is transparent.
    DEE Tutors cares for the quality of tuition you receive from our tutors. That is why we ensure our private tutors are made explicitly aware of the qualities and activities that promote a satisfying tuition service.
    Our tutors know what is expected of them since they have all read, understood and signed an agreement that aims to promote high quality tuition. The writing of our agreements have been overseen and reviewed by experienced and qualified educationists who understand the professional standards of teachers, as well as the student-teacher relationship.
    During each face to face interview, a fully qualified teacher will also go through best practices in the tuition industry to ensure tutors are fully aware.
    The following is an example of the Code of Conduct and Ethics Agreement that all our tutors have signed when recruited by DEE Tutors.
    • Must maintain mutual relationship of openness and honesty with DEE Tutors and our clients.
    • The language of instruction must be mutually understood at all times.
    • Must keep to agreed tutoring time.
    • Must keep DEE Tutors and our clients informed at all time on any emergency or absenteeism from tutoring, at least, 24 hours ahead of next session.
    • Must strive to provide excellent customer service; be encouraging, positive, and maintain a professional attitude while in a client’s home.
    • Must not comment negatively on students out of frustration.
    • Must be adequately prepared for all tutorial sessions.
    • Must provide an overview feedback at the end of each tutorial session to clients.
    • Tutoring must be relevant to the goals of the tutorial session’s i.e. strict adherence to the syllabus.
    • Must seek permission to put on or off your shoes, especially the first time in a client’s home.
    • Must avoid undue harassment or touching of students while teaching.
    • Must avoid privacy with a matured opposite sex student; always teach in the presence of at least a person.
    • Must keep to moderate casual and formal dressing.
    • Must maintain good personal hygiene always; avoid body and mouth odour and do not teach while you are sick.
    • Must always be with DEE Tutors I.D cards while going to the client’s home and must be displayed throughout the tutorial session.
    • Must always sign DEE Tutors TIME AND LESSON CARD at the end of each tutorial session.
    • Must submit a photocopy of DEE Tutors TIME AND LESSON CARD to both DEE Tutors and the client at the end of each period of tutorial contract.
    • The aforementioned must be strictly adhere to by tutors; failure to attracts penalty.

    • Subject proficiency and knowledge-ability have top priority.
    • One of my goals is building the student’s self-confidence.
    • My student deserves and will receive my total attention.
    • The language my student and I share must be mutually understood at all times.
    • I must be able to admit my own weaknesses and will seek assistance whenever I need it.
    • Respect for the student’s personal dignity means I must accept that individual without judgment.
    • The student will constantly be encouraged but never insulted by false hope or empty flattery.
    • I will strive for a mutual relationship of openness and honesty as I tutor.
    • I will not impose my personal value system or lifestyle on my student.
    • I will not use a tutoring situation to proselytize my personal belief system.
    • Both the student and I will always understand my role is never to do the student’s work.
    • I count on the student to also be my tutor and teach me ways to do a better job.
    • Good tutoring enables my student to transfer learning from one situation to another.
    • I will keep confidential any information that my student decides to share with me or that I have access to in the helping process.
    • I will help my student “learn how to learn” by helping him/her improve study skills.
    • I will remember that I may be a role model for someone; therefore, I should conduct myself in an appropriate manner at all times.
    • I will not comment negatively to students on faculty’s grading policies, teaching methods/styles, assignments or their personalities.
    • I will strive to provide excellent customer service. I will be encouraging, positive, and maintain a professional attitude in the centre.
    • My ultimate goal in tutoring is to foster independent and autonomous learning in the student.
    Developed from The National Association of Tutorial Services’ Tutor Code of Ethics.

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